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by David Blue

Blue Moon Estate Sales was founded in 2009 by Ken and Deb Blue after years of experience in the antique business, corporate employment, and management.  It was a great opportunity for self-employment which has been “phenomenal!” to quote Ken.  Blue Moon Estate Sales rapidly became the most active estate sale business in the Raleigh area and plans were made very early on to optimize the numerous processes in the business to make it reproducible and reliable.  This would produce a business model that would enable others to enter the estate sale business and enjoy self-employment.  The dream to franchise Blue Moon Estate Sales was born!

After completing a business degree in college, their son, David, joined the business and spent more than a year learning the business “inside out”.  Deb retired from her career in medicine to get the franchise work done and David divided his time between both businesses.  The first franchises were officially offered in June of 2013.

Premier Estate Sales Company Goes National

Establishing themselves as the premier estate sale company in Raleigh, Blue Moon felt that they could fulfill a need on a national level. The opportunity to create jobs and provide a needed service in the community has fueled David and Deb to make Blue Moon and estate sales synonymous. In the U.S. people are drawn to franchises because the model calls for a consistent and reliable product that Blue Moon has been hanging its hat on since its creation.

Blue Moon Estate Sales is now available in 6 states and 17 major cities with inquiries about new franchises coming every day from all over the continental U.S. If you are looking for an exciting career with a rising national franchise click the button below.

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