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Blue Moon Estate Sales FranchiseBlue Moon Estate Sales Franchise

    by David Blue

    The story of a Blue Moon Franchisee

    Friday night, you have put in a long week of work, filled with client interviews, presentations, and staging and pricing out the home you have a sale at this weekend. On the way home, you make a mental checklist of all the last minute things you need to have done before the big day tomorrow. After enjoying some dinner and a few last minute comps for some jewelry that was added to the sale, you find a couple hours to relax and enjoy yourself.

    There are a few butterflies in your stomach because tomorrow is your game day. This feeling is nothing new and is welcomed excitement, as you are properly prepared for looming beautiful chaos of fun that Blue Moon estate sales are.   

    Rise and shine as the coffee pot kicks in at 6 a.m. A quick bite to eat and you head out the door lunch in hand and a Blue Moon shirt on. The drive over to the sale allows you to clear your thoughts and go over the checklist of things that need to be done before the first customer walks through the door.

    You arrive to the sale at 6:50 a.m. and are welcomed by a line of twelve cars lined up on the side of the street. You recognize a few of your regulars, welcome them with a smile and inform them the numbers sheet will be out shortly. Upon entering the home you start the presale routine, getting the numbers out, turning on lights and fans throughout the house, opening cash drawers, and setting the jewelry on display for the world to see.

    Estate Sale Franchise Owner

    The first member of your team shows up at 7:15 and the rest trickle in over the next 15 minutes. The energy is high as everyone gets the last items ready, and the countdown begins. You, the sales manager yells out, “2 minutes till open, get your smiles on and let’s do this.”

    Time for announcements. You open the door with yellow sold stickers in hand to 100 people in line. The familiar feeling of adrenaline pumps through your body, as you inform your customers of sales procedures and how to purchase the Mercedes that is sitting in the driveway costs. It is 8:03 a.m. and the first customers walk through the door with your team in place ready to serve.

    20 minutes into the sale and there is still a line outside the door. The queue to check out is beginning to swell as the first wave of customers heads for the cash register to buy their items. You grab a support iPad and begin ringing up customers to help your cashiers out with the rush of customers and to keep the line moving.

    After the initial surge, a 10:30 a.m. lull comes. No rest for the weary as it is time to start restaging and re-organizing the home. Knowing the afternoon rush is on the way, you want to make sure the sale is in tip-top shape as the lunchtime crowd comes through the sale.

    The sale is running smoothly when all of the sudden a loud crash comes from the upstairs. You spring into action and check out the problem at hand. It was a small child playing with toys when all of the sudden the T-Rex made a detour and knocked two nerf guns to the floor. No harm was done but you briefly talked to the mother of the child to make sure she keeps a close watch on her kids.

    Jumping right back into sales mode you help a family decide they need to take home a small dining room set for a great price and even help the little girl pick out the fluffy elephant instead of the dog. The family is overjoyed and excited to come back tomorrow and pick up their new furniture.

    You and your team handled the 1 p.m. wave and It is now nearing 2 p.m. Looking around from room to room you see a lot of empty space and figure you cleared about 70% of the home. You kindly inform customers that the sale will be closing and they need to make their way to the checkout lines. You begin to close down sections of the home by shutting off lights and closing doors. The last of your remaining customers and you flip the open sign over and the sale is officially closed.

    You walk around the home doing some last minute cleaning and restaging, while your team counts all the cash, and closes out the registers. A final walk through of the home to make sure everything is in order for tomorrow and you walk out and lock the door behind you.

    It was a good day filled with fun, chaos, and excitement. Nothing was broken and it seemed like everyone enjoyed the sale. You walk to your car and head home for some food and enjoy the rest of your Saturday afternoon.

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    David Blue
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