The Blue Moon Culture

The most successful companies and organizations all have a two things in common, a clear identity of the service or product they provide and consistency in providing that service or product to the best of their ability. Culture is created through the understanding of your identity and following through with actions to match that identity. Blue Moon Estate Sales understands just how important culture is to being a successful company and brand which is shown by our actions.

Learning From The Best

Up to date Blue Moon Estate Sales has put on over 1400 estate sales in the 8 years. With so much experience we are able to provide the only formal training program strictly for estate sales in the entire industry.

Every child is told practice makes perfect and we have had a lot of practice. We can say with confidence that you will be provided with best systems and techniques to put on the most professional estate sale in your area week in and week out.

Pillars Of Support

You are not just buying into a business or a brand, but instead into a family that is vested into helping you run a successful business. After finishing your training program you integrated into our Facebook community of franchisees who have all been in your shoes before and are ready and very willing to help. This closed community is used to help price items as well as ask for any advice about problems that may come up. We have dedicated operations managers who knows the business inside and out and is a phone call away to help troubleshoot problems as well as on-site observations to help the franchisee with on the job experience. Blue Moon Estate Sales also host an annual retreat to , build new and stronger relationships within franchisees, and have our franchisees learn from one another.

Blue Moon Estate Sales franchise owners receive unrivaled training and support throughout their careers with us. Read below to learn the important ways we help you hit the ground running and then coach & support you through many successful years of franchise ownership.

Franchise Training

Your support begins with comprehensive training involving business operations, IT, marketing, and valuation.  Our franchise training course provides two weeks of well rounded education.  Your time will be split between an engaging classroom setting and field training.  Additional field training is available to those who would like it.

We cover all aspects of running a successful estate sale franchise from lead generation to closing out a sale.  You’ll be a seasoned pro and the go to service in your area after training concludes.

Franchise Marketing

Our marketing programs are thought out and thorough.  Our years of experience have helped us vet out the best marketing and PR companies to jump start your business. We know exactly how to generate sales leads for our franchisees.  You’ll also have access to our website which is one of the best in the industry and is constantly being overhauled to drive sales.  

Each new Blue Moon Estate Sale franchisee will have local web pages on our main website optimized for high organic search results and focused online marketing campaigns.

Ongoing Support & Consultation

Most franchisees need ongoing consulting with our experienced staff regarding pricing and valuation.  We provide ongoing support for operational questions that arise. Moreover we continue extensive efforts to promote brand recognition and grow our organization with the intent to become the nation’s leader in estate sale services.  

You’ll be joining a network of franchisees rather than being left to fend for yourself.  All of these systems are in place so you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Regulating And Revolutionizing An Industry

The first day of training is our most important and covers ethics and integrity. Ethics and integrity are the backbone of Blue Moon Estate Sales identity as a company for good reason.

Currently the estate sales industry is totally unregulated and as franchisor’s we are able to act as a governing body to ensure our each location is practicing good business. We are working to educate the public on estate sales and continue to push the industry standard in technology.