Be The Boss

Own it. Our business model allows the franchisees flexibility and potential for a great income in a dynamic and growing industry. Each Blue Moon Estate Sales location is home based with the ability to set your own hours. You are in control of your own schedule which allows you to spend more time with your friends and family.  With no “brick and mortar” requirements there is no mandatory operating hours that keep you restrained inside a retail space. Minimal space is required for supplies of a profitable estate sale franchise. The sales are conducted in the clients home not a store front.


Loosen your tie, put away your dress clothes, and prepare yourself for a whole new world of fun and profitable estate sales.  Enjoy the freedom that comes with being your own boss.  After years of heading to work at 6am working for some of America’s largest corporations Blue Moon Estate Sales owner Ken Blue really enjoys the flexibility that comes with owning the Raleigh NC franchise.  He’s given up his wing tips for comfortable gym shoes and hasn’t looked back.  Unlike other franchises that are open 24/7, in weeks where there is not a sale the owner largely has that week off to stretch out and enjoy some time off.  We usually don’t hold sales on holiday weekends allowing franchise owners to spend time with friends and family.