About Estate Sales

An estate sale, also called a tag sale in some parts of the country is a way of selling the entire contents of a home in a timely fashion.  Items
associated with estate sales include furniture, art, fine jewelry, silver, and any other tangible asset. Blue Moon sells nearly everything but the home itself.  Talk about a real diversification in sales!  It can truly be said that it is never the same week twice!

Estate sales are never to be confused with a garage sale or auction. Sales are conducted in the home of the client and a price is established before the start of the sale. Many clients use estate sales when they’re moving, downsizing, or a loved one has passed.  Once the sale items are staged and priced the public is  invited into the home and given the opportunity to browse and buy.

Blue Moon Estate Sales will teach you a proven method for marketing, acquiring new business, and conducting the estate sales in an enjoyable manner.  You’ll also learn how to research items and enjoy several classes on the more valuable items encountered at sales.  You’ll also have access to our lead generating website which has proven invaluable as well as our customized software that runs your back-of-house and customer facing aspects of business.

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About The Industry

An estate sale is a decades old process that was once a fairly rare occurrence.  Most people did not have a lot of possessions but had a lot of children to inherit their possessions.  These days, most of our sales are for people just looking to downsize and about 25% of our sales are for the families of the deceased.  People frequently amass a large amount of goods in their lives and nowadays have fewer children to inherit their possessions.

There are more than 100 million “baby boomers” in America who are on the verge of retirement.  Coupled with the fact that it is also quite popular to downsize as the baby boomers age, the estate liquidation business offers a phenomenal opportunity for self-employment.

The Business Model

Our unique estate sale franchise offers the benefits of a branded service, standardization, support and collaboration.  The typical learning curve is dramatically shortened.  The industry has been dominated by “mom and pop” operations, and people looking to make a quick buck.  We are revolutionizing the industry.  That is why we are looking for the right candidates to join our estate sale franchise team!

Home-Based Business

Minimal Inventory

Low Administrative Costs

No Accounts Receivable

Fast Paced and Dynamic Work

Flexible Work Hours

Low Startup Cost

Reasonable Royalties

Powerful Brand

Growing Exponentially

Industry-Leading Technology

PR Backed